Are new Otto links good?

Are new Otto links good?

Modern Otto Links tend to be very inconsistant. It’s the opposite for Jody Jazz mouthpiece, which are very well made. Anyway the modern Otto Link are different then the vintage ones so if you are looking for a Coltrane vibe, you need to find a good vintage one, or a good copy (of a vintage metal Link).2013-05-27

What mouthpiece does Chris Potter use?

The mouthpiece is a Selmer Soloist E. Alto sax/mouthpiece: Mark VI, maybe from the late ’60s or early ’70s. The mouthpiece is a Selmer Soloist.2019-04-25

Where are Otto Link mouthpieces made?

the USA

What are Otto Link mouthpieces made of?

It’s been selected by artists for over 50 years to capture and hold professional quality sounds. Otto Link 24k gold plated metal mouthpieces combine gleaming good looks with the rich sound quality of a larger bore rubber mouthpiece for exceptional style and sound.

Are Otto Link mouthpieces good?

Otto Link has progressively become the most famous saxophone mouthpieces brand, especially in the jazz market, thanks to the warmness and the accuracy of the tone they provide.

What mouthpiece does Dave Liebman use?

The DL mouthpiece is one of the most technologically advanced metal soprano saxophone mouthpieces ever made. It was designed for Dave Liebman in 1991 and is featured on dozens of his albums recorded over the years.

What soprano mouthpiece did Coltrane use?

All we know is that he used Selmer Metal E pieces. I would like to analize witch facing tip it could have used. Listening to his sound through his pariods, what do you think about the facing?2009-11-15

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What are metal saxophone mouthpieces made of?

There are currently many brass alloys; however most vintage brass mouthpieces were made of Brass composed of approximately 70% copper and 30% Zinc. This is similar to cartridge brass which, you guessed it, is used for bullet cartridges. Later the term Bell Metal brass was used.

What are SYOS mouthpieces made of?


What mouthpiece did Phil Woods use?

For much of his career Phil Woods played an un-modified New York Meyer 5M given to him by a friend in the 1950’s. The Drake Phil Woods model mouthpiece is an exact reproduction of this treasured piece of history.

What size reeds to most sax players use?

The best reed for beginner saxophone is a size 2 or size 2.5 reed. Most beginners start with Rico, Rico Royal, or Vandoren Brand Saxophone Reeds. Your teacher will usually recommend one of these types of reeds to start with.2020-10-09

What mouthpiece did Kenny G use?

On soprano, he uses a Dukoff D8, which is a metal mouthpiece designed to produce a loud and cutting sound. For alto sax, he uses a Beechler Diamond S5S, which is a mouthpiece that is made of hard rubber, and produces a completely different sound than a metal mouthpiece.

Where are Theo Wanne mouthpieces made?

The AMMA mouthpiece no longer made. 2013 Theo became sole owner of Wanne Inc. The MANTRA Soprano Saxophone was released. 2014 Theo moved his company to new facilities at King Street, Bellingham WA.

What mouthpiece did Cannonball Adderley use?

Meyer NY ebonite mouthpiece

What setup does Chris Potter use?

The tenor setup he uses is similar to Coltrane’s, Selmer MKVI tenor, with an Old Otto Link metal mouthpiece but opened up to an 8*, with 3 medium or 3 hard filed Rico Jazz Select reeds. This is a common set up for lots of saxophonists of his generation.2020-09-21

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What mouthpiece did Bob Berg use?

Francois Louis solid

What reeds did John Coltrane use?

John Coltrane He experimented with various Otto Link Tonemasters, which are noted for their projection and durability, usually with a relatively narrow 5 or 6 facing, in tandem with fairly hard Rico reeds.prieš 5 dienas

What mouthpiece did Gene Ammons use?

Brilhart Ebolin mouthpiece

What kind of mouthpiece did Coltrane use?

Coltrane used a metal Otto Link mouthpiece.

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