Can you add post back to timeline?

Can you add post back to timeline?

Select Logged Actions and Other Activity. Tap Hidden from timeline. Tap the three dots next to the post you want to unhide and choose Add to profile.2021-03-15

Can someone see if you hide their post on Instagram?

You can also create a custom list of words, phrases, numbers and emojis you want to hide. Keep in mind that hidden comments are still included in your total comment count and when a comment or message is hidden, the person who sent it won’t know.

How do I unhide my Instagram posts 2022?

Tap on “Account.” Under “Posts You’ve Hidden,” tap on “Unhide.” Tap on the posts you want to unhide and then tap on “Done.

What does it mean to hide a post from your timeline?

When posting a status update from the News Feed, a new check box appears that says “Hide From Your Timeline.” Clicking the box will mean your post will only show up in the News Feed and search results.2016-06-07

How do I unhide all my posts on Instagram?

To unhide photos on Instagram, first, open the app and sign in. Then tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen. Scroll down and select “Settings,” then “Account.” Under “Privacy” tap on “Photos of You,” and make sure that the slider is set to “On.

Can I hide a post from my timeline without deleting it?

To hide a post from your Timeline, click or tap the downward facing arrow next to it and select the Hide from Timeline. Click or tap Hide and the post will be hidden from your Timeline. It’ll still appear elsewhere on Facebook, just not on your profile’s Timeline.2017-07-31

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When you hide a post on Facebook can others see it?

When you hide a photo or post you’re tagged in on your timeline, people won’t be able to see it when they visit your timeline. But the photo or post will still be visible to the audience it’s shared with in other places on Facebook, such as in News Feed or Search.

When you delete a post on Facebook can others still see it?

No, when you delete a post, it get deleted from your Timeline and no one can see this including you.2016-12-13

When you hide a post who can see it?

When you hide the post, it will no longer appear on your timeline, this means anyone who goes to your Facebook profile will no longer see the post. However, the post can still appear in the general newsfeed of people who are friends with you and whoever posted the status.2016-10-26

How do I hide everything on my Facebook timeline?

Go to Settings and Privacy, select Privacy in the left-hand pane, and click on Limit Past Posts. This option automatically hides all your public posts from the Public and sets them to Friends only. In this manner, people who are not your friends won’t be able to see your timeline posts.2021-05-22

What happens when you delete a post off Facebook?

What happens to content (posts, pictures) that I delete from Facebook? When you delete something you shared on Facebook, it is permanently deleted from your Facebook account. It’s deleted from our servers and backup systems, so we’re unable to retrieve this deleted content.

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What is the best way to clean up Facebook?

Facebook has now added a bulk delete tool to make it easier to clean up your posts, photos, and feed. In the apps for Android and iOS, tap your avatar (top left), then tap the three dots and choose Activity log. From here pick Manage activity and Your posts to see everything you’ve ever posted.2020-06-14

How do you tell if someone is hiding their posts from you on Facebook?

You can also check to see if they’ve made their profile public or not. If their profile is set to private, and you can’t see any of their posts, then they’ve hidden their posts from you. Can a friend on Facebook hide their posts from you? Yes, a friend on Facebook can hide their posts from you.

Will someone know if I delete their post from my timeline?

Facebook doesn’t notify a user when someone deletes a post they had left on their Timeline, but they are definitely notified that a post had been put on there in the first place. That being said, whether your friend will ever see that notification depends on how she next views her Facebook page.2021-08-07

What happens if I remove a post from my timeline?

No, when you delete a post, it get deleted from your Timeline and no one can see this including you. However, it might not always be instant as sometimes there is a delay in synchronizing between servers. But this page claimed that, You’d hope that by clicking delete, your content is permanently removed.2016-12-13

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How do I remove a post from my timeline without deleting it?

Tap in the top right of Facebook, then tap your name. Scroll to the post you’d like to remove. Tap in the top right. Choose Hide from profile or Delete post.

Do people get notified when you delete a photo on Facebook?

Yes, the user will be notified.2017-02-14

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