How competitive is Sciences Po masters?

How competitive is Sciences Po masters?

With 170 admitted in 2020, the Equal Opportunity Programme has welcomed 2,264 students in the 20 years since its launch. As a whole, 2,195 students were admitted to Sciences Po, compared with 1,960 admitted in 2019, which makes a selectivity rate of 20% (compared with 18% in 2019).2021-04-15

Is there a Harvard University in France?

Harvard in France constitutes a vibrant, dynamic and diverse community. We are privileged to host the second largest Harvard alumni base with more than 2100 alumni and to be among the most active clubs in Europe.

Is Sciences Po all in French?

In order to recruit the best students from all around the world, Sciences Po offers programmes fully taught in English at the undergraduate and graduate levels. No need to speak French to enrol in these programmes!

Is Sciences Po Ivy League?

Sometimes referred to as the French Ivy League, one of the key traits of Sciences Po is that it does not prepare the students to become academics (although the Doctoral School is also very good), but rather professionals and practitioners that will make up the highest positions in the French administration.2019-11-06

How many people apply to Sciences Po every year?

2020 Admissions: a new record high of applications despite an unprecedented context. In an unprecedented and turbulent context, the results of the 2020 admissions process show Sciences Po remains highly attractive, with a record number of applications of nearly 22,000.

Is Sciences Po the Harvard of France?

Sciences Po-Harvard College Exchange Program in Paris, France. Harvard has a direct exchange agreement with the prestigious Institut d’Etudes Politiques/Sciences Po, Paris, for students proficient in French. The program is appropriate for concentrators in Government, Economics, Sociology and related areas.

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What does it take to get into Sciences Po?

Candidates must demonstrate academic excellence, their desire to study at Sciences Po, a clear and meaningful commitment to a cause, community or passion, and their involvement in extracurricular activities. The application and interview give each candidate the opportunity to present his or her qualities and potential.

How hard is it to get into Sciences Po Paris?

For a French aspirant, it is an extremely difficult process. They must pass an interview and have an impeccable academic record going back many years, and CV, as well as glowing recommendation letters.2019-11-06

Is science Po Public or private?

Sciences Po has a dual governance model based on two bodies: the Fondation nationale des sciences politiques (FNSP), a private foundation, and the Institut d’études politiques de Paris (IEP), a public higher education institution.

What major is Harvard best known for?

The most popular majors at Harvard University include: Social Sciences, General; Biology/Biological Sciences, General; Mathematics, General; Computer and Information Sciences, General; History, General; Physical Sciences, General; Engineering, General; Psychology, General; English Language and Literature, General; and

Which Ivy League is best for science?

When it comes to science “U.S. News World and Report” ranks Yale as one of the best Ivy League schools. The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the School of General Studies prepares students to be at the top of their scientific fields.

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