How do you put on a strap boss?

How do you put on a strap boss?

Cut a 54mm hole into the soil pipe. Solvent weld around the hole and the flange of the Strap on Boss. Push fittings together to secure bond. Squeeze the clips at the back together to secure the Strap on Boss to the soil pipe.

What is a boss in piping?

Boss is a pipe attachment detail in which a pipe is inserted into a recessed area of a Valve, fitting or flange. In contrast to buttweld fittings, Socket Weld Fittings are mainly used for small Pipe Diameters (Small Bore Piping); Generally for Piping whose Nominal Diameter is NPS 2 or smaller.

What caused the sink in the big rectangular boss?

Sink marks in injection molded plastic parts develop when material in the region of thick features such as ribs or bosses shrinks more than the material in the adjacent wall. The presence of such a feature creates an effectively thicker region that cools more slowly than neighboring regions.2004-01-07

Why is Weldolet used?

Weldolets are used to provide an outlet area from a larger to a smaller pipe connection point. The weldolet is welded to the larger pipe (the run) and connected to the smaller pipe (the branch).

What is a boss in CAD?

In computer-aided design applications, a boss is a feature used to describe a type of extrusion. The word boss comes from the Middle French word embocer, which means protuberance.

What is a boss in pipe fittings?

A boss fitting uses an adaptor (32mm, 40mm or 50mm depending upon the waste pipe size) to connect into the side of the soil pipe. Bosses are included on some fittings, such as soil branches, but to connect a waste pipe into the side of a plain soil pipe you can either use a Boss Pipe or a Strap-on-Boss.

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How do you add a boss in SolidWorks?

The mounting boss feature can be found under Insert> Fastening feature > Mounting Boss. The mounting boss command requires a face or 3D point on which to locate the geometry on. The procedure which I have found helpful is to select a face in the general position that you want the boss to go.2016-11-25

What is boss thread?

An o-ring boss seal is a technique for joining two fluid-carrying pipes, hoses, or tubing. In an o-ring boss (abbreviated ORB) system, a male-threaded part is inserted into a female-threaded part, providing a mechanical seal.

Why bosses are needed in product design?

They are used for accepting screws or other fastening components (threaded inserts usually). Essentially they are locating, mounting and assembly devices built in to the design of the part and if not for accepting screws, will attach to the mating part of another component of the design.2010-09-10

What is a boss Adaptor for?

This solvent weld boss adaptor is used in conjunction with either an SP583 Short Boss Pipe, an SP581 boss pipe or an SP319 strap boss to connect a waste pipe into a 110mm soil pipe. It can also be used inside the boss shoulders of other fittings such as junctions.

What is the function of a Moulded boss?

Bosses serve two purposes. Their primary use is to strengthen holes or slots in the surface of your part. Plastics designers love thin walls, but thin and strong are opposites ends of the trade-off spectrum.2017-06-11

What is a boss screw?

Boss features are commonly found in injection molding designs. They are used to aid in the assembly of molded parts by providing a channel for a screw. Designing plastic screw bosses is fairly straightforward but there are a few considerations to ensure a strong connection between parts and mitigate cosmetic defects.2018-04-26

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What is a cylindrical boss?

A boss is a cylindrical protrusion placed on a part’s wall. A boss can have various functions, such as the following: Positioning aid To help align parts during assembly; for example, a pin on one part will fit a hole in the other part.

What is a strap boss used for?

Essential for the safe removal of sewage from buildings, this strap boss can be used to remove waste fluid from a kitchen sink, toilet, handbasin, or bath. Simply fit the strap boss around the pipe you wish to connect to, then bore a hole to allow the liquid to come through.

What is a cylinder boss?

CylinderBoss is a paperless productivity App for cylinder testing stations, optimised for Mobile and Desktop. Save time and improve customer service by reducing manual data entry and automating repetitive tasks.

How do you add a mounting boss in SolidWorks?

The Mounting Boss PropertyManager appears when you create a new mounting boss fastening feature. To open this PropertyManager: Click Mounting Boss (Fastening Features toolbar) or Insert > Fastening Feature > Mounting Boss.

What does boss fitting mean?

A simple design for better leak protection. With its streamlined one-piece design, the B.O.S.S. FittingĀ® (bolted one-piece sure seal) reduces the seal point to a single gasket to greatly reduce chances for leakage.

What is bosses in Mould design?

Bosses are the cylindrical elements in the plastic parts which are used as a mounting point or a location point. Boss may receive a screw, insert or a shaft. Their cylindrical form is easy to machine and is the strongest shape in molded part.

What is a boss shape?

A boss is mostly a cylindrical protrusion on a part that can act as a positioning aid, a fixation point or a bearing surface.

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