Is there freedom of information in Thailand?

Is there freedom of information in Thailand?

Article 19 of the ICCPR obliges Thailand to respect and ensure to all individuals under its jurisdiction the right to freedom of expression and information.2021-08-03

Does Thailand have strict laws?

Thailand, however, has extremely strict laws called lese-majeste, under which people can receive long prison sentences for insulting its monarchy. Like the UK, Japan, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, to name a few, Thailand is a constitutional monarchy.

What is Thailand Tourism known for?

The food, the prices, the incredible hotels, cheap hostels, beautiful islands, the ease of getting around any and all could be responsible for why Thailand is so popular, and why last year over 38 million people visited. They reckon it’ll be a total of 41 million this year.2021-12-30

How many types of censoring are there?

three types

What speech can be censored?

The categories of unprotected speech include obscenity, child pornography, defamatory speech, false advertising, true threats, and fighting words. Deciding what is and is not protected speech is reserved to courts of law. The First Amendment only prevents government restrictions on speech.

Does Asia have freedom of speech?

Asia. Several Asian countries provide formal legal guarantees of freedom of speech to their citizens. These are not, however, implemented in practice in some countries. Barriers to freedom of speech are common and vary drastically between ASEAN countries.

What is forbidden in Thailand?

Pornography and gambling are specifically illegal in Thailand. On 19 September 2006, the Thai military staged a bloodless coup d’état against the government of elected Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

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Does Thailand have freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech was guaranteed in the 1997 Constitution of Thailand. Those guarantees continue in the 2007 Constitution, which states in part: Section 36: A person shall enjoy the liberty of communication by any means [บุคคลย่อมมีเสรีภาพในการติดต่อสื่อสารถึงกันไม่ว่าในทางใดๆ].

What unacceptable Behaviour gesture is common in Thailand?

Never touch someone’s head or hair – this includes playfully ruffling a child’s hair. Don’t raise your feet above someone’s head; avoid stepping over people who are sitting or sleeping on the ground. Don’t point: Pointing at someone is considered rude in many cultures but particularly so in Thailand.2019-07-02

What can be censored?

General censorship occurs in a variety of different media, including speech, books, music, films, and other arts, the press, radio, television, and the Internet for a variety of claimed reasons including national security, to control obscenity, pornography, and hate speech, to protect children or other vulnerable

What is censored in Thailand?

Reasons for censoring films include violating moral and cultural norms and disturbing the public order and national security. Also under Thai law, any film mentioning prostitution in Thailand or failure to depict Buddhism with absolute reverence is subject to censorship.

What are Thai people’s values?

Throughout the country, the most important values that Thai people hold to are ‘respect’, ‘self-control’ and a ‘non-confrontational attitude’. It’s beyond just stoicism. Losing face by showing anger or by telling a lie is a source of great shame for Thai people.

What is considered rude in Thailand?

Don’t point your feet: Pointing your feet at someone, raising your feet higher than someone’s head, or simply putting your feet on a desk or chair are considered extremely rude in Thailand. The bottoms of the feet are dirty: don’t show them to people! Avoid pointing feet at Buddhas in and outside of temples.2019-07-02

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What is Thai etiquette?

Thais give a respectful wai when we meet our older relatives, friends or acquaintances. We put the palms of our hands together and raise them up, at chest level for equals, nose level for people older or whom we respect, and forehead level for people we highly respect.

Why is respect so important in Thailand?

Respect for one’s elders and those of higher social rank pervades every aspect of Thai daily life. Age (and social rank) provides order within Thai culture. It is important, not least because forms of address are dependent on whether the person you are addressing is older or younger than you.2016-07-17

Does Thailand have Internet censorship?

Censorship of the Internet in Thailand is currently for website access only. Unlike China’s “Great Firewall”, which censors all Internet traffic including chat conversation via Instant Messaging, Thai Internet users are still able to interact with other users without being censored.

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