What are the two types of borescope used in visual inspection process?

What are the two types of borescope used in visual inspection process?

The two most common types of borescopes used in aircraft inspection are rigid and flexible borescopes. Rigid borescopes offer the highest resolution and brightest images, and are more durable and more economical. These scopes use traditional lens-relay systems to transmit images.2007-07-05

What is the meaning of borescope?

Definition of borescope : an optical device (such as a prism or optical fiber) used to inspect an inaccessible space (such as an engine cylinder)

What do you look for in a borescope?

Whether you are opting for a industrial borescope, the specifications that you need to consider are: Rigidity and flexibility. Size and length. Angle of View (AOV) and Field of View (FOV)2020-09-14

How much is a borescope?

Between $100 and $60,000

What is borescope camera?

An inspection camera, or borescope, is an instrument that functions like a camera, microscope, or telescope: it enables you to observe areas that are too cramped, too far away, or entirely out of reach.2014-04-14

What is a borescope inspection?

Borescope inspections are a type of visual inspection that can examine hard-to-reach or inaccessible components without taking them apart or damaging them.

What are the limitations of a borescope?

Their disadvantage is their rigidity that keeps them from maneuvering into some areas. Another type of borescope is a fiberscope. It uses fiber optic strands to project the image from the tip of the probe to the eyepiece.

What is the field of view of rigid borescope?

Rigid endoscopes usually have FOV between 70° and 110°, with 70° typically seen for laparoscopes and approximately 100° for most arthroscopes.2017-02-07

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What is an engine borescope?

This is an optic equipped tool that is used to inspect tight spaces that impossible to see without disassembling and tearing down other components to get to it — you can see why this would have great utility as an engine is pretty much sealed and undercover until you tear it down.

How does a borescope work?

Rigid borescopes are simple tubes shaped like long, thin telescopes that use a lens system to send an image to a relay lens from the object to be viewed in real-time. This is accomplished with an eyepiece on the proximal (near) end and an angled mirror pointed toward an opening in the tube on the distal (far) end.

How does a borescope camera work?

A rigid borescope utilizes a lens system to relay the image from the objective to a relay lens. The image can then be viewed through an eyepiece or connected to an adapter and attached to a CCD camera for viewing real time video.2017-07-04

What is a borescope in aviation?

Borescopes are used to inspect airplane engines, brakes, inside wings, behind instrument panel to see areas normally hard to access without taking apart equipment. The most borescopes we listed here are articulating scopes, which means end users can change probe camera’s directions easily.

What is the magnification of a borescope?

You can expect an approximate 5 X magnification. If you get less than 5mm away and still have a clear image you can expect an approximate 12-15 times magnification. If you have a borescope with a larger wide DOF you can expect less magnification.2021-12-16

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What is the difference between a borescope and an endoscope?

In short, an endoscope is a type of borescope. While borescopes are mostly used to inspect mechanical objects, endoscopes are better suited to examine a living body. If you work in an industry such as plumbing or mechanics, where you’ll need to inspect pipes or mechanical objects, borescopes are the better choice.2021-03-05

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