What is it like talking to an Air Force recruiter?

What is it like talking to an Air Force recruiter?

Speaking to a recruiter is not quite like a job interview. As long as you meet all of the qualifications and they have a need for you, the recruiter is most likely going to be happy to sign you up.2015-04-06

What is rap duty?

RAP duty allows sailors to come home (at their expense) and working at their former recruiting station. The benefit is they are not changed leave (vacation) for 5 days while home. Here again is a copy of the form they will receive once they complete RAP duty, along with the official instruction.

What happens at the first meeting with a recruiter?

Your first interview Our first meeting and interview is an opportunity to get to know more about you, understand your personal situation and career needs, assess your suitability for any current roles, and also to understand where your capabilities may align with our client’s future job opportunities.2020-06-16

What is Harp duty?

HOMETOWN AREA RECRUITING PROGRAM (HARP) 1. HARP is a non-funded program in which enlisted personnel return to their hometowns for 12 days (beginning on Monday and ending on Friday the following week) to assist local recruiters by relating their Navy experiences to their peers.2009-02-12

What should I expect when talking to a recruiter?

Speaking with a recruiter, have your resume work samples and references ready to present ahead of time so that you can provide what they need while the conversation is still fresh in their mind. Sending this information to them immediately shows that you are ready to hit the ground running.

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What should I do before meeting with a recruiter?

Before you meet with a recruiter, have a look first at which companies they represent or are likely to work with. If there’s a particular company or sector you’re interested in, and your recruiter already has a relationship with them, it’s helpful for you to make that connection.2017-09-29

What does RA mean in USMC?

Headquarters Marine Corps. Whenever an employee requests an adjustment or change at work related to a medical condition, the employee has entered the Reasonable Accommodation process.

What do you do on recruiters assistance?

The Recruiter Assistance Program is designed to allow Air Force members to work with Air Force recruiters by returning to their hometowns and providing personal testimonials, assisting in obtaining school lists, participating in Center of Influence (COI) events/Delayed Entry Program (DEP) Commander’s Calls, and

How long does it take to hear back from an Air Force recruiter?

But if you don’t hear back within about 2 weeks, you can send an email reminding the office or a particular person that you sent in your application and would like to schedule a face to face. Then you can send a follow up every 10 days to 2 weeks sort of thing.2011-10-19

How long is RA USMC?

The maximum amount of time a Marine may participate in RA is 30 days.

What do you say when meeting with a recruiter?

Treat a meeting with a recruiter like an interview with a company. Be well presented, on time and engaged with the process. Be honest about past mistakes or gaps in your CV, and be open to feedback. The recruiter can provide valuable advice to improve your chances, but only if you’re willing to listen and act on it.2017-09-29

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