What’s the difference between LED Christmas lights and regular lights?

What’s the difference between LED Christmas lights and regular lights?

LED Christmas Lights Use Less Power In an incandescent bulb, the filament uses up significant energy to remain lit. But LED bulbs use a diode that requires minimal energy. In fact, LED bulbs use over 75% less energy than the alternative. By only using LED Christmas lights, you can save money on your energy bill.2020-09-26

How do you protect outdoor Christmas lights?

As for how to protect outdoor Christmas lights from rain put them on stakes or other elevated positions above ground as well. You can hang them on trees, bushes, on your fence, or on your yard furniture but make sure they are not just lying on the ground.2020-10-14

Are LED Christmas lights brighter?

For a while, LED light strings were considered inferior to incandescent strings because of their dimmer light output, but technology advancements have made the two nearly indistinguishable from one another in terms of brightness. When it comes to color payoff, however, LED is the clear winner.2016-07-26

How do you make Christmas lights look professional?

Choosing the Correct Clips Nothing looks better than clean, straight perimeter light lines. In order to achieve a professional look using light line, there are a few things to keep in mind: Only use commercial-grade clips. One clip per socket, regardless of how close the spacing between sockets.2013-04-02

How do you protect string lights from rain?

Protect Connected Plugs From Water You should wrap connected plugs with electrical tape to make sure they don’t get pulled apart. However, it’s worth knowing that the tape does not offer adequate protection against water. Therefore, you should use cord protectors to protect connected plugs from water.2020-07-27

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What is the disadvantage of LED light?

Perhaps the biggest drawback of LED light bulbs is that they emit more blue light than incandescent bulbs, which are more on the red end of the spectrum. Blue light can cause a disruption in your circadian rhythm, negatively affect your ability to fall asleep and the quality of your sleep.2020-07-01

Do LED Xmas lights last longer?

LED Christmas lights are unquestionably efficient and last longer than their incandescent alternatives. However, not all LEDs are made equally. Manufacturers and suppliers of LED Christmas lights boast anywhere from 10,000 hour to 100,000 hour lifespans that with only season usage equates to 18 to 185 years!2021-07-07

Do you have to waterproof outdoor Christmas lights?

If done incorrectly, however, it can also be a major hazard outdoor lights that aren’t properly waterproof-ed can lead to anything from shorting outs, through electrocution, and to large fires spanning entire neighborhoods.2020-10-14

Are C7 or C9 lights brighter?

Just grab a nightlight, and if the bulb fits it, then you know you have the C7. And here’s the C9 bulb. You can tell just by looking that it is the larger of the two. At 7 watts, it’s quite brighter and we do offer this in a clear 10-watt version as well.2014-09-26

How do you protect your Christmas lights from rain?

Plug the Christmas lights into your Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), or outdoor outlet. Wrap Teflon tape (electrical tape) securely and carefully around the plugs, completely coating the plug to prevent water from getting in and effectively creating a water-tight seal.

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How do you protect outdoor string lights?

Use Outdoor Rated Strings Before ever placing any light string outside, you should always check to make sure that the string is safe for outdoor use by looking at the safety rating. Rope light, patio light strings, and many Christmas light strings are safe for both indoor and outdoor use.2019-09-08

How do you waterproof outdoor Christmas lights?

Start by placing the rain block waterproof gaskets on the male connectors of the Christmas lights. Press them tightly to ensure a good lock. Make sure you close all outlets. Seal off the backs of the light plugs’ female outlets the same way.2020-10-14

Can you tape Christmas lights outside?

Scotch or duct tape may seem like the easiest method for hanging holiday lights, but universal clips are a better choice for outdoor light jobs since, unlike tape, they won’t retain moisture near your electric lights. “Tape can trap rain or sprinkler system moisture,” said Whiddon.

How do you waterproof outdoor lights?

One of the easiest ways to waterproof outdoor lights is to apply an extra silicon seal (caulk) during installation. There are other methods such as choosing high IP-rated fixtures or using light shields. In addition to a watertight lamp, you also want the outlet to be secure.

Are outdoor Christmas lights tacky?

Outdoor Christmas lights are not tacky. If you plan your display and take some time to create a tasteful layout, you can put up professional-looking festive lighting that you, your friends, family and neighbors will all love especially the children.2021-07-01

Do outdoor Christmas lights need waterproof?

Although all outdoor lights are waterproof, we would recommend a dry, cool place to keep them in tip top condition and prevent any moisture creeping in. With a little bit of TLC, and ensuring they are completely dry before storage, they should last you for years to come.2017-11-28

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Should you tape outdoor Christmas lights?

Don’t assume all lights are designed for outdoor use; wrap all connections between strings with electrical tape to keep moisture out. Always plug lights into a covered outlet protected with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)—running cords from inside the house through a window or a mail slot is a fire hazard.

What type of Christmas lights do professionals use?

Commercial LED light strings with co-axial connectors are one of the most popular styles of commercial Christmas lights among professional installers due to their exceptional durability.2021-08-24

Should I use C7 or C9 lights on House?

Cord Socket Size – When it comes to the socket base size, you can choose between C7 or C9. For most structural perimeter lighting, C9s are the most commonly used. If lighting displays or small structures, then C7s work well.2013-04-02

Which is better C7 or C9?

C7 LED light bulbs use 90% less electricity, but are the same size, and can fit into the same size base as incandescent lights. They generally have 3 LEDs per base and come in smooth, faceted, and dimmable finishes. C9 LEDs have the same basic attributes as the C7s but usually have 5 LEDs to the base.2021-01-16

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