Where is the pro trailer backup assist sticker?

Where is the pro trailer backup assist sticker?

Note: Pro Trailer Backup Assist only supports conventional trailers. You need to place the entire sticker in the green zone on the trailer as outlined in the diagram on the next page. The sticker is in the back cover pocket of this guide. Note: An assistant can help you complete the tasks on the next page.

How do you set up a backup assist on a Ford Pro trailer?

Turn and hold the knob to the right (clockwise) when you want the trailer to go to the right. Take your hands off the steering wheel and turn the Pro Trailer Backup Assist knob instead. The knob acts as the steering wheel for your trailer.

When did Ford introduce pro trailer backup assist?


What is ultimate trailer tow camera system with Pro trailer backup assist?

ULTIMATE TRAILER TOW CAMERA SYSTEM WITH PRO TRAILER BACKUP ASSIST. ™ Included: Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ — Rotate the Pro Trailer Backup Assist knob to help maintain greater control over backing up your trailer (after initial setup).

How do you back up a Ford trailer?

Your ford trailer Pro Back-up Assist will do all of the work for you from there. Simply turn the direction knob in the direction you would like the tail of the trailer to travel, take your hands off the steering wheel and let your ford trailer do the rest of the work for you.2019-07-31

What is Ford’s pro trailer backup assist?

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro at this often tricky maneuver, available Pro Trailer Backup Assist makes it as easy as turning a knob. 10. After you’ve entered a few measurements into the system, the camera tracks the trailer position while you are backing up and guiding the trailer.

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Can you add Ford trailer backup assist?

To use Pro Trailer Backup Assist, press the center button of the Pro Trailer Backup Assist knob and a list of available trailers will appear, or you can add a new trailer by pressing the center button on the Pro Trailer knob to the right of your steering wheel, selecting “Add Trailer” and following the prompts.

Can I store more than one trailer for Pro trailer backup assist?

The system can store up to 10 different trailers. Per the setup guide, place the checkered sticker on the trailer tongue. This sticker acts as a target that the backup camera uses to track the trailer’s direction. Once the sticker is in place, it’s time to take several measurements using the setup guide.2021-08-30

How does the reverse trailer guidance feature work?

Trailer Reverse Guidance view. Shows you a view of the sides of your truck and your trailer. In auto mode, this view moves as your trailer moves so that you do not have to adjust the camera as you turn. This takes you back to the 360-degree camera system and out of the Trailer Reverse Guidance feature.

How does the Ford trailer assist work?

How does it work? Drivers can turn the knob marked “trailer backup” to reflect the direction they want their trailer to head, and the technology overtakes the steering wheel to guide the vehicle on your behalf. This means that, if you want your trailer to go left, all you have to do is turn the designated knob left.

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Can I store more than one trailer for Pro trailer back up assist?

From inside the cabin, press the Pro Trailer Assist button to the right of the steering wheel to begin programming the system. Follow the prompts in the setup guide to establish the trailer and the correct brake system. The system can store up to 10 different trailers.2021-08-30

What is the pro trailer backup assist?

Pro Trailer Back-up Assist makes backing up your trailer into a campsite or Jobsite easy as ever, and can also be used for launching your boat down a tricky dock with ease. Our back-up assist can increase efficiency and ease stress for those who are new at parking their towable accessories and/or only tow occasionally.2019-07-31

What year F150 has trailer backup assist?

Pre-owned Ford F-150 pickup trucks since 2015 have the Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature. Surprisingly, it doesn’t cost that much either. As an economical piece of safety equipment, more people can enjoy the benefits of the system without breaking their bank.2020-03-13

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